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"Ms. Holcomb has been recognized for her significant contribution as a training voice for the recently established Affiliate Partnerships program at Americor. 

In this role, she spearheaded the development of a comprehensive training video...This video has become an integral component of over 20 in-person training sessions...[and] distributed to all 50+ Affiliate Partners..."

Voice Over
Affiliate Partnerships Team at Americor


"Morgan is a highly talented and professional photographer, with an exceptional eye for detail. She is generous with her time and a joy to work with, all while perfectly capturing the spirit and energy of our theatre productions through her lens... Morgan's services come with my highest recommendation."

Teresa B.
Director at Excel Academy  

"Starting a new business seemed daunting, but Morgan was there every step of the way with creative ideas, a wealth of practical knowledge, and endless support. Her strategizing was integral to getting my company off the ground, and she continues to be a valuable resource as new questions arise. From business basics to copywriting to web design, I highly recommend her services."

Business Consulting
Tami. M
Founder of Creative Stages

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